Who we work with

We partner with consumer brands looking to offer life insurance solutions.

iptiQ works with a variety of consumer brands that have a strong customer base and marketing experience. We also seek partners who can deliver life insurance products, systems and operations.

Bringing new insurance products to your customers can consume a lot of time from your core business – along with human and financial resources. Leveraging iptiQ’s services enables you to deliver high quality insurance solutions to your customers in a quick and cost-effective way.

Our partners

  • Existing insurers that want to provide new products; venture into new markets; or pursue new distribution channels efficiently
  • Retail brands or affinity groups with large customer bases or high-quality consumer data, equipped to cross-sell financial products
  • Experienced start-ups with an innovative approach to providing insurance to the un- and under-insured
  • Independent insurance agencies looking to expand their product assortment
  • Financial services companies aiming to increase or enhance their range of financial products