About us

Founded in 2016, iptiQ is transforming the experience of buying insurance by providing clients with a revolutionary, digital insurance engine and world-class underwriting capabilities. Backed by 150+ years of expertise from Swiss Re, iptiQ creates best in-class, intuitive purchase experiences for your customers. Our solutions are delivered quickly and affordably to fast-track your insurance business.

Global reach

In the US, iptiQ is based in Armonk, New York, and has a dedicated team in place to develop and strategically grow the business. Additionally, iptiQ Europe has headquarters in Luxembourg to service all EEA countries. Our local agility and global knowledge sharing, allows us to effectively serve the needs of our partners and consumers.

iptiQ leadership

Our team of highly skilled professionals is fully committed to your success; we’re ready to offer you a customized experience and effectively serve your needs.
Executive team
Philip Walker President & CEO iptiQ Americas
Julie Roper Chief Operating Officer, New Business Operations
Niels Keuker Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
Craig Clark Head Carrier Solutions, Inforce Management
Kali Marino Chief Financial Officer
Marie-Christin Klinke Chief Risk Officer
Board of Directors
Carlo Bewersdorf Chairman